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Personalized flower subscription

With our personalized flower subscription, you can enjoy regular seasonal cut flower arrangements in the office or home. Both are coordinated with your premises and furnishings.

Delivery frequencies

With our flower subscriptions, you can choose between weekly, 2-weekly, and monthly delivery frequencies. You select the day of delivery.


A flower subscription includes your personalized cut flower arrangement and a rental vase and is available from CHF 40.- incl. VAT.

Pause & Cancel

The flower subscription can be paused or canceled at any time.


From wedding decorations to bridal bouquets to table decorations: In a joint discussion, we will create an overall floral concept for your wedding. Whether this appears modern, traditional, colorful, or romantic, we will make your celebration an unforgettable day.


It is our passion to design with flowers and to florally underline your celebration, your anniversary, or your fair appearance. To make this successful, we rely on joint planning of the event. If required, we can also rent you the appropriate containers and accessories.

Contact us for a personal consultation about your event.

Balcony,  terrace and office plant maintenance

Plants create a pleasant atmosphere and act as an essential element of style. To ensure that your premises suit you, we will create a greening concept for you with high-quality containers and the appropriate plants. You will see: Within a short time, your terraces, balcony or office will be transformed into an oasis of well-being.

Burial and grave

Flowers, in their beauty and transience, symbolize the cycle of life and comfort the bereaved.

In addition to the classic pieces such as floral wreaths, rose hearts, or the cross, we also create individual floral designs for the funeral service or the farewell party.

We are also happy to advise you on grave design and maintenance and develop a concept for you.